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Baby Massage

Baby massages are soothing, healing, and stimulating. Research has also given a resounding nod to the power of touch! A good massage every day is just what your baby needs to grow well and be happy. Massaging your baby stimulates different systems like the immune system, digestion, and circulation. It improves your baby’s development by encouraging coordination and movement. It makes your baby feel loved and safe and strengthens your bond with him. So to make massages a part of your baby’s daily routine, know-how can you be on the right track!

Choose a particular time slot

Usually, massage is a part of a baby’s morning routine or is given before a bath. There’s no specific timing for a massage. See what’s best for your family, based on your baby’s needs as well as your schedule. Just keep a couple of things in mind while massaging your baby:

  • Avoid massaging your baby right after feeding him. This can make your baby uncomfortable and cause him to throw up.
  • Avoid a massage when the baby is upset: If your baby looks content and calm, he’s game for a massage. But if he makes his arms stiff or turns away, then it’s probably not a good time.
  • Check if a bedtime massage works: Many experts believe that bedtime massage helps a baby to sleep soundly. But at times babies feel stimulated after a massage. If you face the latter case then opt for a nice cuddle at bedtime and shift the massage to earlier in the day.

Use coconut or olive oil

Vegetable oils like olive oil are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. It is good for your baby’s skin. Coconut oil is also a good choice. Use any one of these oils and massage in the direction of hair growth to prevent it from clogging your baby’s pores.

Avoid nut oils like peanut oil as it provokes an allergic reaction. Don’t use essential oils as they may be too strong for your baby.

Choose a secure area

Stretch your legs in front and place the baby on your lap with the head towards your feet. Or place a thick sheet or soft blanket on the floor and place your baby on it. Sit comfortably next to your baby and start massaging.

Steps to a lovely baby massage

Feet and Legs

Begin with your baby’s feet. Stroke the feet, slowly, firmly, and gently. Then work your way up the legs to the thighs and go across the baby’s hips.


Place your hands on your baby’s shoulders and stroke down from the shoulders towards the center of the chest. Or start from the baby’s shoulder down to the arms and all the way to the fingers. Do wipe off the oil from your baby’s fingers after the massage.


Your baby’s abdomen must feel soft when you massage it. Stroke the tummy gently clockwise in a circle. Start from the lower right side of the abdomen and move upwards, going in a clockwise direction, and end on the lower left side of your baby’s abdomen.


Use your middle or index finger to massage the face by stroking across your baby’s cheeks and forehead. Begin by massaging the sides of the nose and moving towards the outer edge of the face.

Head to toe

Turn your baby on the tummy. Glide your fingers down in smooth, long strokes, starting from the head and going all the way down to the toes.

Finish with a warm bath

After massaging, give your baby a warm bath and dry off gently.

Follow these instructions to give your baby a good and healthy massage!

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