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i-feel Gentle Intimate Wash Sensitive Cleanser, Helps maintain Vaginal pH balance , Soothes from Dryness, Itchiness, Irritation and Rashes 100 ml


Product highlights

  • Lactic acid to maintain vaginal ph.
  • Tea tree oil keeps infection away.
  • Neem and Tulsi extract maintain healthy vaginal flora.

i-Know Ovulation for women test Kit


About this item

  • The LH is in the urine of normal women increases in the middle of the menstrual cycle.
  • Designed for "Trying to conceive” women to get pregnant naturally.
  • This easy to use ovulation home LH Testing Kit test helps track ovulation surge with sufficient tests and minimize the chances of missing the LH Surge

i-pill Tablet

Strip of 1 Tablet
Product highlights
  • Is widely used as an emergency contraceptive pill

  • Contains levonorgestrel as an active ingredient

  • Is not intended to be used as a regular form of birth control

  • Helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex

Lacto Calamine Daily Cleansing Face Wipes with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Vitamin E (25 wipes)


Product highlights

  • Useful in gently cleansing the skin
  • Helps in the removal of impurities, dirt, and pollution from the skin
  • Helpful in soothing and refreshing the skin

Lacto Calamine Face Lotion for Oil Balance – Oily Skin – 120 ml


Product highlights

  • Kaolin Clay: Absorbs excess oil from the skin surface without removing the essential oil
  • Zinc Oxide: Helps unclog pores by preventing the build-up of pimple-causing germs
  • Glycerin: Helps retain natural moisture in the skin and prevents excessive drying of the skin

Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash, 50ml


About this item

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Do not remove essential oil
  • Retains natural moisture
  • Prevents pimples
  • Provides oil balance for up to 8-hrs

Lacto Calamine Peel-Off Mask with Activated Charcoal and Vitamin E Mask 60gm


About this item

  • Removes excess oil, dirt, toxins from deep pores for a clear matte look
  • Enriched with natural ingredients with antioxidant, anti-microbial, and healing properties detoxifies skin
  • Express cooling effect on application

Lacto Calamine Sunshield Matte Look Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ for Oily or Acne prone skin, Paraben & Sulphate free, 50g


Product highlights

  • Non-oily and non-sticky formula
  • It gives the skin a matte finish
  • It is light and absorbs quickly into the skin