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Baidyanath 99% Pure Isabgol (Psyllium Husk), Rich source of dietary fibre and Gluten free | For healthy digestive tract, relief from constipation | 200 Gram


About this item

  • ✔ Mild laxative and stool Softener, and helps in relieve constipation
  • ✔ Contains both Soluble and Insoluble Fibre, so supports the Entire Gastrointestinal System
  • ✔ It helps flush toxins from the digestive tract which indirectly helps in improved digestion and weight loss
  • ✔ Isabgol (Psyllium husk) can be added to breads, idlis, chapatis, parathas or even cookies / cakes for added fibre
  • ✔ Baidyanath Isabgol helps ease bowel movements and helps relieve bloating, which is a common problem where your stomach swells up forming gas which doesn't allow the digestive enzymes to work properly

Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasma (Sahasraputit)


Product highlights

  • Made with more potent ingredients
  • Offers relief from chronic hyperacidity like vomiting
  • Also used as an alternative and tonic

Baidyanath mahasudarshan kadha 450 ml


Product highlights

  • Indicated in mild to high temperatures
  • It is an ideal remedy for all type of fevers and malaria
  • Used for liver and spleen diseases

Baidyanath Pirrhoids Tablet


Product highlights

  • Ayurvedic treatment for piles due to indigestion and constipation
  • Relieves pain, swelling, bleeding, and itching
  • Stops burning and itching due to piles
  • Dosage: As advised by the physician

Dabur Haritaki Churna


Products highlights 

  • Dabur haritaki churna is made from pure haritaki which aids digestion and hence prevents constipation
  • It helps in maintaining good metabolism
  • It is a bowel cleanser that helps maintain regular bowel movements
  • It is also useful for people suffering from piles
  • Dosage: 3-6g (1-2 teaspoon) with water or as directed by a physician

Dabur Kamdudha Ras Moti Yukta


Product highlights

  • It boosts the body's metabolism
  • It helps treat burning sensation in soles and palms
  • It helps in treating gastric troubles

Dabur Triphala Tablet

Product highlights
  • Acts as a highly-effective laxative widely used in indigestion
  • Used for its colon cleansing and detoxifying action
  • Protects vital digestive organs and helps eliminate toxins

Digene Acidity & Gas Relief Gel Mint

Product highlights
  • Helps relieve bloating, belching, and gas
  • Helps relieve the feeling of discomfort in the stomach
  • Helps treat heartburn (acidity) and indigestion
  • Helps reduce the overall acid level in the stomach

Eno Powder Lemon

Bottle of 100 Gm Powder
Key Ingredients:
  • Svarjiksara & Nimbukamlam
  • Sweetener: sodium saccharin
  • Flavours and dyes: Brilliant Blue and Tartrazine

Flora-BC Capsule

Strip of 10 Capsules
Information about Flora-BC Capsule Flora BC contains lactobacillus, Niacinamide, Pyridoxine and Folic acid. Flora BC capsules are a preparation that

Flora-BC Dry Syrup

Bottle of 60 ML Oral Suspension
Information about Flora-BC Dry Syrup Flora BC Dry syrup contains Lactic Acid Bacillus acidophilus that cures colitis, dyspepsia, flatulence, impaired

Ganaton OD Capsule SR

Strip of 10 Capsule SR

Rx Prescription Required


Product Highlights

  • SALT COMPOSITION: Itopride (150mg)
  • STORAGE: Store below 30°C