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Unienzyme Liquid Pineapple

Bottle of 200 ML Liquid
Information about Unienzyme Liquid Pineapple Unienzyme Syrup contains Fungal diastase and Pepsin. Unienzyme Syrup provides relief from gas, heartburn &

Unienzyme Pro Capsule

Strip of 10 Capsules
Information about Unienzyme Pro Capsule Unienzyme Pro Capsule is a dietary supplement rich in multi-digestive enzymes, probiotics-prebiotics, and immunobiotics that

Unienzyme Tablet

Strip of 15 Tablets

Product highlights

  • Acts as a natural pro-digestive enzyme
  • Helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates in food
  • Prevents the malabsorption of nutrients from food
  • Contains an enzyme known as papain which helps in digestion

Unwanted 21 Days Tablet

Strip of 21 Tablets

Rx Prescription Required


Product Highlights

  • MANUFACTURER: Mankind Pharma Ltd
  • SALT COMPOSITION: Ethinyl Estradiol (0.03mg) + Levonorgestrel (0.15mg)
  • STORAGE: Store below 30°C

Unwanted-72 Tablet

Strip of 1 Tablet

Product Highlights

  • Is used as an emergency contraceptive tablet
  • Helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex
  • Contains levonorgestrel as an active ingredient
  • Is not intended to be used as a regular form of birth control